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Welcome to Sharpe Social. 

Having a clear and focussed social media strategy is an essential part of growing your business. There are so many social platforms currently on offer that deciding which ones are right for your brand can sometimes feel a little overwhelming. Perhaps you are completely new to the world of social media? Or you simply don’t have the time to devote to managing your social media strategy?

Whatever challenges you and your business may be facing when it comes to social media, Sharpe Social can help. Whether you need guidance with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn, I can help you to devise and implement a clear social media strategy that will enable you to build your presence on social media and grow your business. 

I’m Gill Sharpe and I’m a Facebook and Instagram ads and social media expert supporting small businesses with their social media needs. I spent over 20 years working in direct marketing, before turning my attention to social media, to work with clients directly and create a flexible working life around my family. 

I support small businesses and brands, who are struggling with social media overwhelm, to help them maximise their social media activity. 

As a business owner, you need to master a range of specialities and sometimes there just isn’t the time to give everything the focus that’s needed. Your priority needs to be focussed on the day to day running of your business, fulfilling orders, developing your brand and seeing clients. Outsourcing your social media strategy to a specialist will not only help you to free up your time but will also ensure that you are able to start seeing positive results from your social media strategy more quickly.

Whether you’re in need of a sounding board, some direction for your social media strategy, advice about investing in or managing your advertising, or you need some time back to work on your business by outsourcing your social media work, I can help.

To find out more about how working with me can help to grow your business, take a look at my Case Studies page or drop me an email to find out more about my services. I’d love to hear from you. 


Channel Management

Channel Management

Working With Cancer are a Social Enterprise focused on changing the conversation about work and cancer. Supporting employers and employees with experienced coaching, training & consultancy.

Wear ’em Out

Wear ’em Out

How I supported the launch and growth of Wear ’em Out with Facebook ads.

Gill is entirely trustworthy, professional and dependable. Her success as a SMM is, in part, due to her using factual and measurable data to inform her decisions coupled with a good instinct and an intuitive understanding of those using the platforms. She’s a pleasure to work with and I particularly appreciated her great sense of humour – an attribute that should never be overlooked!

Jay Armstrong, Elementum

Gill carved out a space for Working With Cancer on two already crowded social media platforms and successfully connected us to potential customers. Gill is a highly creative and resourceful person with a strong understanding of social media. She is also a pleasure to work with.

Barbara Wilson, Working With Cancer

We’ve had Gill onboard running our Facebook ads and our Facebook page since the beginning as it was vital to us that we had someone who knew how to run successful targetted ads and we knew that wasn’t our strong point. Gill has constantly guided us through using Facebook for maximum brand exposure and converting sales. We thoroughly enjoy having her as part of our team.

Lauren Derrett, Wear ’em Out

I totally recommend Gill as the person to walk you through Facebook ads in a Power Hour. I had a tiny bit of experience from when I originally trained as a Social Media Manager but I hadn’t used my knowledge in ages and so had forgotten so much – and Facebook have made loads of changes too. Gill walked me through the process and was great at helping me understand what was possible. In fact, I came away feeling really enthused and wanting to do more! Thanks Gill – you made Facebook Ads look so much less scary.

Anja Stobbart, Social Media Manager


Facebook & Instagram Ads

Ad hoc support or complete management of your FB and/or IG advertising.

Social Media Management

Hand your channels over to me to manage for you or I can support you with a strategy.


Power Hours

Spend an hour with me working through any issues or pain points you may have.

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